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Established in 2007 Nide is a company devoted in the field of electric motors manufacturing providing one stop service for its customers Nide has three main business divisions The first division is to provide different kinds of motor manufacturing machinery including stand along machine fully auto complete line for armature and stator production and the motor assembly line The second division is to supply the full range of motor components such as commutator ball bearing carbon brush insulation paper shaft magnet fan motor cover etc The third division is to provide technical support and consulting project support and turn key service for some motor manufacturing Nide consists five companies...

Categories and Products

Armature Manufacturing Machine

Armature Automatic Production Line

Fully automatic electric motor armature production line High Efficiency Rotor Manufacturing Assembly Line Automatic Armature/Rotor Assembly Line Mixer Armature Manufacturing Production Machine Automatic Armature Rotor Electric Motor Production Line Mixer Rotor Production Assembly Line Machinery Fully Automatic Motor Armature Rotor Assembly Line 

Shaft Pressing Machine

Automatic rotor shaft pressing machine Armature shaft inserting machine Automatic armature shaft placing machine inserting machine Radiator cooling fan motor armature shaft inserting machine 

End Cover Pressing Machine

Automatic plastic end cover pressing machine End plate Inserting Machine Auto BLDC motor stator insulation board /end plate pressing machine Automatic armature plastic rotor end plate pressing machine 

Commutator Pressing Machine

Automatic armature commutator pressing inserting machine Manual rotor commutator placing and pressing machine Automatic rotor commutator inserting machine Automatic Rotor commutator pressing machine for motor armature 

Insulation Paper Inserting Machine

Armature slot insulation paper floder and inserting machine Auto rotor insulation paper insertion machine Armature slot paper inserting machine Armature paper insulating machine Automatic motor armature paper insertion machine Automatic Insulation Armature Slot Paper Inserting Machine 3 Shifts Production Armature Insulation Paper Inserting Machine Balanced scooter stator Insulation paper inserting machine 

Armature Winding Machine

Automatic Series motor Armature Coil Winding Machine Automatic motor armature winding machine Motor Rotor Armature Coils Winding Machinery with conveyor High Precision Double Flyer Rotor Wire Winder Machine Automatic Armature Copper Wire Making Machine Power tool motor armature coil wire making machine Micro Motor Armature Winding Machinery External stator rotor inslot coil winding machine Four station auto armature coil wire winder Two flier semi-auto armature coil winding machine Generator motor armature coil winding machine Power tool armature winding equipment machine Mixer motor armature inslot coil winding machine Two working station armature slot coil winding machine Mixer auto rotor winding machine Automatic ceiling fan armature rotor Coil winding machine Semi-auto Armature Small Rotor Coil Winding Machine Auto Double Flyer Rotor commutator Windier armature Coil Winding machine Automatic Armature Double Flyer Copper Wire Winding Machine NIDE armature coil winder manual rotor winding machine price in delhi 

Wedge Inserting Machine

Motor Armature Wedge Inserting Machine Armature slot wedge insertion machine Automatic armature slot wedge inserter Automatic rotor wedge slot paper insertion machine Automatic motor rotor slot insulation wedge inserting machine Automatic Rotor Slot Wedge Inserting Machine Balance Motor Insulated Hub Armature Wedge Inserting Machine 

Commutator welding Machine

Miyachi Controller Armature Commutator Fusing Machine Automatic servo belt rotor commutator welding machine Armature commutator hot stacking machine Rotor single head commutator hook welder Automatic Rotor commutator surface hot stacking machine Full automatic Armature commutator spot welding and fusing machine for motor rotor Automatic mixer rotor fusing machine Automatic rotor commutator hook fusing machine Automatic armature commutator hook welding machine Automatic rotor commutator hook welding machine Armature commutator spot welding machine for rotor commutator wire fusing equipment spot welding machine welder Wind Leaf armature Spot Welding Machine fan rotor fusing machine Shaftless armature rotor Spot Welding Machine Automatic armature fusing machine commutator welding machine Commutator Spot Welding Hotstaking Machine Automatic fan motor armature welding machine Automatic armature commutator spot welder hot staking machine 

Commutator Turning Machine

Servo double cutters armature commutator turning machine Fan motor rotor commutator surface turning machine Automatic rotor lamination surface turning machine DC motor automatic Armature commutator lathe machine Automatic armature commutator surface turning machine Rotor commutator turning machine lathe machine Automatic armature commutator lathe machine Fan motor armature commutator turning machine Auto commutator surface Roundness turning machine Auto rotor commutator turning machine motor cummutator armature turning machine equipments electirc motor rotor commutator turning machines for armature Motor armature commutator deburring turning machine Automatic commutator brush deburring machine for sale Semi automatic motor armature turning lathe machine High speed electric motor armature commutator skimmer machine 

Armature Balancing Machine

Semi-auto armature balancing machine Automatic positioning armature dynamic balancing machine Generator Armature Automatic Balancing Machine Automatic positioning rotor balancing machine Semi-auto two station armature balancer balancing machine Armature surface weight removing machine 5 station rotor balancer weight removing machine Five working station rotor automatic balancing machine Automatic rotor balancing equipment rotor balancer Semi-auto dynamic armature balancing machine CE certified automatic armature balancing machine Two working station armature dynamic balancing machinery Automatic armature balancing machine High automation rotor balancing machine Armature dynamic balancing testing machine for motor rotor Automatic motor rotor testing equipment Armature Dynamic Balancing Machine High efficiency customized motor armature balancing equipment rotor testing machine Semi-Auto armature dynamic balancing testing machine for motor rotor testing Auto positioning Rotor balancing machine Two Station Automatic Armature Balancing Machine 

Armature Testing Machine

Automatic motor armature testing panel Automatic two station rotor testing machine Automatic rotor performance testing machine Automatic rotor testing machine Motor automatic armature testing machine Miniature Automatic armature rotor surge testing panel machine Automatic Rotor Insulation armature testing machine 

Armature Impregnation machine

Automatic Armature Trickling Impregnation Machine Automatic armature varnish rolling machine Automatic Armature varnishing machine with oven Automatic mixer motor rotor varnish plant 

Armature Powder Coating Machine

Automatic rotor slot insulating powder coating machine Rotor insulation treatment coil powder coating machine Automatic armature slot treatment powder coating machine Electrostatic Rotor Powder Coating Machine Rotor lamination automatic powder coating machine Armature powder coating machine epoxy polyester powder coating machine for armature rotor Servo epoxy powder coating machine With the touch screen automatic armature Electrostatic powder coating equipment rotor powder coating oven Mini rotor epoxy powder insulating coating machine for armature rotor automotive motorcycle 

Automatic Aluminum Die-Casting Machine

Automatic Rotor Aluminum die-casting machine Armature automatic aluminum die casting machine Automatic armature type aluminum rotor die casting machine Rotor automatic aluminum die-casting machine Automatic armature aluminum die casting machine Automatic aluminium rotor die casting machine Easy operating aluminum rotor die casting machine Four working stations Aluminum armature die casting machine High automation and efficiency rotor die casting machine Armature automatic aluminum rotor die casting machine(100TC) Electirc motor Armature aluminum rotor die casting machine Auto automatic armature rotor aluminum die casting mold machine Automatic rotor aluminum die casting machine(70T) Automatic armature aluminum rotor die casting machine(80T)with 4 station 

Stator Manufacturing Machine

Stator Automatic Production Line

Stator automatic production machine assembly line Auto stator production manufacturing machine assembly line Customized stator winding production line Automatic stator manufacturing production line Automatic stator winding line Pump Motor Stator Automatic Assembly Machine coil winding mahcine stator production line for three phase washing machine Fully auto BLDC Brushless motor stator production manufacturing assembly line Automatic three phase electirc motor winding stator production line machine Full automatic BLDC stator manufacturing assmebly line 

Stator Insulation Paper Inserting Machine

Wheel Motor Wedge Inserting Machine for Electrical bike Motor Stator Wedge insertion machine Automatic stator insulation paper insertion machinery Stator slot insulation paper insertion machinery Motor Stator coil insulation wedge expanding machine Wheel Motor Insulation Paper Inslot Inserter Inner stator insulation paper inserting machine automatic Servo motor Stator Insulation Paper Forming and Cutting Machine Stator slot paper wedge forming and cutting machine Three phase motor stator paper insertion equipment Motor stator insulation paper shaping and cutting machine Demi Colporate motor stator paper insulation inserter BLDC stator slot paper insertion machine Insulation paper shaping and cutting machine Electric bicycle motor stator wedge insertion machine Automatic stator slot wedge expanding machine Large size motor stator paper insulation inserter Stator slot cell insulating machine Automatic stator slot bottom insulation machine Stator insulation paper folding and inserting machine 

Stator Winding Machine

Eight working station automatic stator coil winding machine Vertical type automatic stator coil winder Electric balancer coil winding machine Deep well water pump motor big coil winding machine Vertical type stator auto coil winding machine Automatic stator winding and coil inserting machine Automatic Stator Wave coil winding machine Multi layer stator winding machine Ceiling fan table fan stator coil winding machine Automatic Stator Coil Winder For Generator Motor Automatic two poles stator coil making machine Meat grinder motor automatic stator wire making machine Fully automatic multi poles BLDC motor stator needle winding machine Automatic motor stator wire winding machine High voltage electrical stator coil winding machine Wheel motor segway scooter winding machine Big dimension stator coil winding machine High speed stator coil winding machinery Segway PT electric bicycle winding machine Big Dimension stator coi winding machine 

Stator Winding Inserting Machine

Automatic stator coil winding inserting machine Auto stator coil winding and wedge inserting machine Generator stator coil winding inserting machine Well pump motor stator coil winding inserting machine Semi-automatic Coil Winding Inserting Machine Vertical type Semi-auto Stator Winding Insertion Machine Auto motor stator coil inserter winding insertion machine Automatic fan motor stator coil winding inserting machine Automatic electric stator winding machine coil inserter Three station automatic coil inserter machine Horizontal type semi-auto stator winding inserting machine Fan motor semi-auto stator winding inserting machine Compressor motor stator coil inserting machine Three phase motor auto stator coil inserting machine Automatic stator winding insertion machine Induction motor stator coil and wedge inserting machine Generator motor automatic stator coil inserting machine Auto stator coil insertion machine Washing machine motor stator coil insertion machine Single phase motor automatic coil inserting machine 

Pre-Forming Machine

Stator Winding Pre-forming Machine Automatic single phase induction coil shaping machine Automatic stator winding expansion machine Economic Type Automatic Stator Coil Pre-Forming Machine Stator coil pre-forming machine 

Middle Forming Machine

Pump motor stator automatic coils forming machine Stator Winding Middle Forming Machine Hydraulic system Stator Coil Middle Forming Machine Deep Well Pump Motor Stator Coil Forming Machine Pneumatic stator coil forming machine Auto stator coil intermediate forming machine Stator automatic middle winding forming machine Economic type induction motor stator coil forming machine High Efficiency Stator Coil Winding Middle Forming Machine New Energy Motor Stator Coil Final Forming Machine 

Lacing Machine

Automatic single phase motor stator winding lacing machine Fan motor stator coil slot winding lacing machine Automatic asynchronous motor stator coil tie machine Single side horizontal type stator winding lacing equipment Double needle Stator coil lacing machinery Stator automatic overhang lacing machine Big stator coil lacing machine Stator coil lacing production machine Economic type induction motor stator coil lacing machine Stator coil lace machine lacing machine Automatic low noise double sides Stator Wire Lacing Machine NIDE stator coil lacing machine with CNC High efficiency automatic four stations motor stator coil lacer Compression motor automatic stator coil tying machine Automatic Horizontal Stator Winding Lacing Machine Economical air conditioner motor stator coil lacing machine Induction motor stator atuoamtic coil lacing machine automatic 4 stations motor stator coil lacer wire lacing machine for sale Auto Horizontal big electric stator coil Lacing Machine 

Final Forming Machine

Pump stator Horizontal type coil final forming machine Enter and Exit Station Stator Final Forming Machine Stator Winding Final Forming Machine Auto induction motor stator coils forming shaping machine Stator coil final forming machine Economic Type Stator Final Forming Machine NIDE stator coil forming machine Suitable for Germany with touch screen NIDE Full-automatic small stator final forming machine Automatic stator coils shape expanding and forming machine equipment Motor Stator Coil Forming and Shaping Machine Horizontal Type Stator Winding Final Forming Machine 

Stator Testing Panel

Automatic three phase motor stator testing machine Automatic Stator perfomance testing panel Automatic cooler motor stator testing machine Compressor motor stator automatic winding tester Pump motor stator performance testing machine Air condition motor stator testing machine Three phase AC and DC motor testing machine Automobile motor stator integrated testing machine motor stator performance testing panel equipment Double Stations Motor Stator Testing Machine 

Stator Impregnation varnish machine

Automatic Stator Varnish Dipping Machine Automatic stator varnish trickling machine Stator varnish impregnation rolling machine Automatic Induction Stator Varnish Plant Stator varnishing machine automatic dipping machine 

Stator Powder Coating Machine

Stator coil powder coating machine Stator coil insulation treatment powder coating machine Stator automatic epoxy coating machine Stator electrostatic powder coating machine Motor stator powder coating machine Fully automatic stator powder coating machine with counting function Automatic electirc stator coater equipment stator coating machine powder coating machine oven 

BLDC motor manufacturer

Automatic BLDC motor Needle stator Coil Winding Machine BLDC motor stator needle coil winder BLDC Stator Automatic Two Stations Needle Winding Machine BLDC Motor Stator Automatic Needle Winding Machine High Efficiency BLDC Motor Automatic Inslot Winding Machine internal stator automatic winding machine BLDC motor automatic needle winder automatic BLDC motor stator winding line Automatic Brushless motor stator inslot needle winding machine Automatic four slots BLDC stator inslot needle coil winding machine Automatic BLDC double working stations stator needle winding machine Mechanical BLDC motor winding machine stator needle coil winding machine BLDC stator inslot needle coil winder Automatic stator inslot needle coil winding BLDC stator winding machine Automatic BLDC stator coil needle inner winding machine for brushless motor Automatic BLDC armature coil winding machine for wheel hub motor stator BLDC motor stator coil needle winding machine Four stations BLDC stator needle winding machine Full automatic BLDC stator coil winding machine BLDC stator Cam structure Needle Winding Machine 

Coil Winding Machine

Big power submersible pump motor stator coil winding machine 

Motor Components


Shell type motor armature winding commutator Customized Mixer motor electrical commutator Motor armature collector for household appliances Mechanical raiser type Collector for power tools Electric motor collector for automotive industry Segmented Tang Type Hook Type Motor Commutator Riser Type Electric Motor Collector Power Tool Electric Motor Commutator Planar Type electric Motor Commutator Motor rotor component electric ring commutator Riser type series motor armature collector commutator Hook type motor component rotor commutator Starter carbon customized copper commutator Bar type commutator in electric motor Generator motor parts accessories Electrical commutator Mechanical commutator of electric motor parts component of motor unit commutator for rotor winding Split ring motor commutator of motor parts Alternator motor single phase motor electric commutator Electric motor commutator assembly line 

Carbon Brush

Electric motor components carbon brush Electric carbon brushes for motor parts and accessories Customized motor Components carbon brush small electric motors Graphite DC motor carbon brush Household appliances electric motor carbon brush Automotive industry motor carbon brush Long duration Industry traction rotor carbon brush Electrographite Generator motor carbon brush Customized Graphite Electric Carbon Brushes Starter Motor Electric Carbon Brush Industrial Motor Application Carbon Brush Power Tool Application Carbon Brush Electrical motor starter motor carbon brushes Grinder motor DC motor carbon brushes Customized electric motor parts carbon brush Automobile motor parts starter carbon brush holder 

Insulation Material

Insulation material Polyester mylar film Class E High temperature insulation material for motor insulation Electrical insulation paper for motor winding Insulation paper DM for power tool automobile industry Motor insulation material wedge Motor Wedge Red Vulcanized Fiber Insulation wedge for armature and stator Insulation DMD insulation paper motor component Electrical motor insulation mylar rolls Motor spare part thermal insulation materials Electric motor polyester mylar film Electirc Motor insulation material thermal paper Motor stator slot insulation paper DMD Thermal Class B Insulation Paper Motor insulation paper/DM/polymer paper Motor electrical insulating paper F class stator electrical insulating paper PMP Flexible laminates insulation paper for winding DMD insulation paper polyester film Motor parts insulation paper mylar polyester film 


Permanent ferrite ring magnetic field Armature roll tile type ferrite magnetic field Motor stator arch type magnetic ferrite block material Electric motor roll tile ferrite magnetic block Industrial motor rotor permanent ferrite magnet Roll tile type ferrite magnetic material Electric motor arch type ferrite magnet block Arch type motor ferrite magnet material Ferrite Magnets for motorcycle starter Electric Ferrite magnet for household appliances 

Ball Bearing

Low Noise Sealed Motor Deep Groove Ball Bearings Angular contact rolling ball bearings Customized Good Quality motor Ball Bearings High Speed Deep Groove Ball Bearing Automobile industrial stainless steel ball bearings High precision small size mini miniature ball bearings Pillow Block Bearing Ball Bearing Full ceramic ball bearing Spherical Roller Ball Bearings 62 Series deep groove ball bearing 63 Series deep groove ball bearing 68 Series deep groove ball bearing 69 Series deep groove ball bearing 1600 Series deep groove motor ball bearing Inch R type deep groove ball bearing Customized Non Standard Motor Ball Bearings Radial and axial electrical ball bearings Small steel grooved ball bearings Imperial shielded deep groove ball bearings Anti friction ball bearing standard sizes 


Customized linear motion ball bearing shaft rod motor components armature spindle shaft rod Flexible drive shaft for mixer motor armature spindle Stainless steel water pump motor shaft High precision worm shaft for single phase motor Customized high quality electric fan motor shaft High polished smooth concentric shaft or spindle Precision cylindrical linear motor shaft Stainless steel transmission shaft for motor components Electric motor shaft for automobile Industry 

Thermal Protector

Customized electric motor thermal protector Motor overloading protection thermal protector Motor automatic thermal protective switch Thermal protection device temperature switch Automatic temperature recovery thermal fuse Reliable safety thermal wire protector for motors Electric motor thermal protection switch Industrial motor thermal overload protector Motor thermal protector for transformers Electric motor heat protector switch 

Vacuum Cleaner Motor

Low noise commercial wet and dry vacuum cleaner motor Wet and dry electric motor for vacuum cleaner Vacuum cleaner Motor/ Cleaning machine spare parts Electric industrial motor for vacuum cleaner Dry and Wet Vacuum Cleaner AC Induction Motor Electric wet and dry vacuum cleaner motor Long duration vacuum cleaner motor Industrial field production motor CE proved vacuum cleaner motor DC vacuum cleaner electric motor Horizontal type Dry vacuum cleaner motor Handheld Direct Current motor Power Pact electric Motor Handheld direct current vacuum cleaner motor 

Shaft Production Machine

Motor shaft automatic feeding machine Motor shaft processing machine shaft manufacturing machine Shaft thread rolling machine shaft making machine Shaft concentricity tester shaft manufacturing machine Shaft surface grinding production machine Shaft thermal treatment machine spindle processing machine 

Non-standard Intelligent Assembly Line

Slinky production line

Automatic motor stator lamination core manufacturing machine Automatic motor stator Slinky Winding Machine Automatic Slinky Winder Slinky Production Line 

Motor Production Technical Support

Technology Consulting

Electric motor manufacturing technical consulting Motor manufacturing technical consulting service 

Turn Key Service

Motor manufacturing turn key service 

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